Sugar Daddy – Lyrikal King Dum

  1. Sugar Daddy Lyrikal King dum 3:25

Fanti Dancehall – Lyrikal King Dum

  1. Fante DanceHall Lyrikal King Dum 3:08

Ragga & Beats – Lyrikal King Dum

  1. Ragga & Beat Lyrikal King Dum 4:30
  2. What Women Can Do - ft. Piesie Dwaabz Lyrikal King Dum 4:11

Special – Lyrikal King Dum

  1. Special - ft. Unyx Lyrikal King Dum 3:52
  2. One in a Million Lyrikal King Dum 3:31
  3. Bimbila Lyrikal King Dum 3:54

Oshey- Lyrikal King Dum & Yaa Pono

  1. Oshey - Thank you Lyrikal King Dum 3:33

Triumph – Lyrikal King Dum (Mix Tape)

  1. 26 Triumph (Prod by Dumzbeatz) Lyrikal King Dum 2:55

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Lyrikal King Dum

Lyrikal King Dum is a leading Dancehall artist from Ghana.

He started composing his music and performing at Junior High School in Cape Coast. In senior High school, he introduced the Ragga genre in Western Ghana, revolutionizing the music scene in the region.

He started his career as member of the Tredeii Music Band which then changed his name to Terror Cliq, becoming a leading youth band in Ghana.
Now, as a solo artist, he is recognized as one of the most versatile artists in Africa, composing, producing and performing the best of the African Dancehall, Reggae, Highlife and Pop-Gospel music

His influences are very diverse ranging from great Reggae and Dancehall artists like Bob Marley, Shaggy and Sean Paul Music to classical Afrobeat musicians as Fela Kuti.

Aside from his music career, he is a committed youth leader and passionate Pan-Africanist. In 2011 he co-founded the African Youth Guild (AYG) with Cedi Bill Entertainment CEO, Daniel Leston.

The African Youth Guild (AYG) is a youth empowerment organization dedicated to creating development opportunities to the youth in Africa.

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